Early Treatments

The Turkish Orthodontic Society recommends that all children get an orthodontic evaluation before they reach the age of 7. Therefore, early detection of people who need orthodontic treatment is very important.

After a detailed examination, simple orthodontic problems can be eliminated by using removable appliances when necessary. The presence of skeletal problems can be detected at these ages, but since growth and development is faster between the ages of 10-15, it is more appropriate to treat skeletal problems between these ages, which we call adolescence.

In the presence of problems such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, nail biting, teeth grinding, crooked teeth and delayed tooth eruption, your child should be examined by the nearest orthodontist to prevent more serious problems in the future.

Invisalign (Radio-Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaque)

*Invisalign treatment consists of a series of transparent plaques produced in high technology and specially prepared; It is an orthodontic treatment method.

*Individuals who do not want to wear braces due to their appearance can have invisalign treatment at any age.

*They are aesthetic because they are almost invisible. That's why it's not obvious from the outside that you're being treated.

You can eat freely and clean your teeth by removing your appliance while eating.

* In classical orthodontic treatments, disturbing things such as stinging of the wire or breaking of the meat do not occur in this treatment.