Embedded Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth. Since they are in an area that is difficult to reach and see, brushing and maintenance can be more difficult than other teeth. Due to insufficient brushing, wisdom teeth easily rot, causing toothache and bad breath.


In some cases, wisdom teeth cannot come out due to the lack of space in the jaws. They can remain fully embedded (not visible in the mouth under both the gingiva and jawbone), or they can remain semi-buried under the gingiva and become associated with the oral environment. In this case, they cause food to be stuck and accumulate in the area where they come out of the gingiva, causing infection. This picture, which causes swelling and redness in the gingiva around the 20-year-old tooth, severe pain spreading to the neck and ear, swelling of the lymph nodes, pain during mouth opening and swallowing, is called pericoronitis.