Porcelain Veneers
in Turkey

Porcelain laminate veneer restorations are a popular material that meets the aesthetic needs of our teeth and beautifies our smile.

The happiness of our patients is our biggest motivation.

What are
Porcelain Laminate Teeth Veneers?

Yalova Dental Park clinic is 45 minutes away from Istanbul Airport. Thanks to digital dentistry devices can design and produce his own Porcelain Laminate Veneer restorations in his own laboratory in a very short time and apply them to patients.

The biggest advantage of Porcelain Laminate Veneer restorations is that they require minimal processing on the teeth. It can be applied without abrasion between 0.3-0.9 mm from the enamel layer, which is the protector of the teeth, or depending on the position of the teeth.

Yalova Dental Park dentists make porcelain laminate veneer (lamina) restoration preparations using the latest technological equipment and devices.

The materials used for porcelain laminate veneer restoration are generally known as glass porcelain (ceramic), Lithium disilicate (e-max) and leucite-containing transparent and durable materials.

The success of porcelain laminate venner restorations, each stage of which requires great care and dedication, depends on the experience of the practitioner, the design of the preparation, the current condition of the tooth, the material used and which bonding system is used.

We can use more transparent materials in porcelain laminate veneer restorations made after bleaching. Thus, our patients can have more permanent and naturally white teeth.

In Yalova Dental Park, the highest quality materials and the most successful methods accepted by scientists in the world are preferred for porcelain laminate veneer procedures.

In Yalova Dental Park, which is 45 minutes away from Istanbul, more detailed and satisfying information is given to our patients whom we examine.
As Yalova Dental Park, this workflow is concluded in approximately 3-7 working days…


In which cases are
Dental Laminates and Veneers Applied?

  • Perfecting the aesthetics and shape of the teeth
  • For close the teeth spaces
  • Restoring the aesthetics of broken and worn teeth
  • Permanently whitening and changing the color of discolored teeth

After porcelain laminate veneer (lamina) restoration, you can have whiter teeth and a beautiful smile similar to Hollywood stars with the digital smile design technologies of Yalova Dental Park.

What are the stages of
Porcelain Laminate Veneer Treatment?

First Stage

It is an appointment for the evaluation of your teeth and gums by your doctor in Yalova Dental Park, which is 45 minutes away from Istanbul Airport.

In this appointment, intraoral and extraoral photographs of the patient are taken for digital smile design. Again, in this appointment, measurements are taken with a digital intraoral scanning device before starting the procedure.

Before our patient comes to Turkey for dental treatment, he/she can send us his intraoral photos and x-ray photos via whatsapp. In this way, the treatment process can be accelerated.

The expectation of our patient about his teeth and how he wants changes in his teeth are determined. Then, the temporary laminates of our patient are prepared by using digital smile design programs over the measurements and photographs.

Evaluations and measurements are made on the final state of the restoration.

Afterwards, the final shapes of the teeth are decided by using special design programs.

Second Stage

It is the process of abrading the front surface of the teeth. At this stage, depending on the condition of our patient’s teeth, the protective layer of the tooth (tooth enamel) is abraded using special devices between 0.3 and 0.9 mm without completely removing it. In some cases, there may be no need for any abrasion on the teeth.

After the teeth whitening (bleaching) process is done, the abrasion process is applied. After the abrasion process, porcelain laminate veneer restorations are prepared transparently. This provides more natural whiteness and aesthetics.

Yalova Dental Park digital dentistry devices and intraoral measurements are taken with a special digital scanner. More precise and accurate measurement is obtained than traditional methods.

Afterwards, temporary laminate veneers prepared in the first stage are applied to our patient. If our patient is satisfied with the result, real porcelain laminate veneers are adhered to our patient.

Third Stage

It is the process of bonding the teeth prepared with special equipment after cleaning the teeth from saliva and moisture.
After the bonding process is done, the materials used are cleaned. And teeth gonna polished.

Now our patient has a perfect smile!


What are the Materials and Digital Equipment
We use in Porcelain Veneer Treatment?

  • Intraoral and Extraoral photography’s and Intraoral Digital 3D Scanning Processes
  • Special Smile Design Programs
  • Bleaching (Teeth Whitening) – Philips Zoom
  • Special Dental Design Programs
  • Cat-Cam Devices and Ovens
  • Lithium Disilicate (Ivocs, E-max, Vita Suprinity)
  • Losit Content(Ivocs Empress, Vita Enamic)
  • Adhesive Systems
  • GC and Ivocs (Laminate Veneer Bonding System)

What is the difference between
Zirconium and Porcelain Dental Veneers?

Porcelain laminate veneer restorations can't be used for tooth loss.
Should do it one by one.
Porcelain Laminate Veneers restorations are more transparent and more natural.
Zirconium Veneers Restorations are more cost-effective than Porcelain Laminate Veneers Restorations.
For Porcelain Laminate Veneer Restorations, the protective layer (enamel) of the tooth is not completely removed or no operation is performed.
Zirconium Veneers is applied as a full dental veneer

Porcelain Veneers Cost Turkey ?

Cost; The material to be used in the restoration varies according to the number and whether the teeth need extra treatment. The final cost is determined after the examination in Yalova Dental Park.

Compared to countries such as England, America, Canada, Spain, France, Arabia, health tourism and aesthetic procedures are more affordable in Turkey. Our patients come to Yalova Dental Park to have their dental treatments done and also have the opportunity to visit the cities of Istanbul and Yalova. Yalova Dental Park Health Tourism packages bring together many options such as Accommodation, Transportation, Dental Health Operation, Translator and more under an additional roof.

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What are the advantages of
Porcelain Teeth Veneers?

  1. Only 0.3-0.9 mm of material is removed from the enamel, which is the protective layer of the tooth. The naturalness of the tooth is preserved.
  2. If it is done after teeth whitening (bleaching), a much more natural and permanent whiteness is obtained.
  3. Since the enamel of the tooth is preserved, there is no risk of pain and caries after the treatment.
  4. Temporary teeth prepared without processing can be shown what kind of porcelain laminate veneer restoration will be at the end of the process.
  5. With its own digital laboratory in Yalova Dental Park, porcelain laminate veneers restorations can be prepared in a much shorter time than normal and without errors.

Situations where Porcelain Laminate Veneer
Can not be applied?

  1. Situations where oral hygiene is inadequate
  2. Teeth that are very prone to decay
  3. Situations where the enamel thickness is insufficient

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