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What is Laminate Veneer?

Laminate Veneers are durable, natural, high light transmittance aesthetic restorations that are applied without disturbing the integrity of the enamel layer, which is the protective layer of the teeth, by etching only 0.3 to 0.6 mm from the front surface of the teeth in cases of structure and deformity and discoloration in the teeth.

What is:
Laminate Veneers Procedure?

When our patients apply to Yalova Dental Park for Laminate Veneer, after a detailed oral examination and radiological examination of the patient by our experienced physicians at the peak of their profession, the patient’s teeth are measured and photographed with a special 3d intraoral scanner.

The expectations of our patients are learned. Afterwards, our digital laboratory team designs a model showing how the teeth will look in the final, which we call mock-up, based on the photographs of our patient.

After the approval of our patient is obtained, 0.3-0.6 mm preparation is made from the teeth on the guide prepared, and the mouth is scanned again with a 3d scanner and the measurements are taken. On the final measurements taken, the tooth design that our patient likes is applied.

Laminate Veneer is produced in the design that our patient likes, using the latest technological equipment and the highest quality materials (e-max-ivoclor) in its own laboratory within Yalova Dental Park.

After the production of Laminate Veneers, our patient’s teeth are cleaned from moisture and dirt, and Laminate Veneers are adhered to the teeth with a special adhesive.

Who is not Applied to
Porcelain Laminate Teeth?

As Yalova Dental Park, we do not recommend Porcelain Laminate Veneers to our patients with severe jaw disorders, patients with gum disease and recession, and patients with nail biting habit and pencil biting habit.

In Which Situations is
Laminate Veneer Used in Turkey?

As Yalova Dental Park Health Clinic, can recommend Laminate Veneers to our patients who are not satisfied with the structure, color and shape of their teeth, as they do not disrupt the integrity of the protective layer (enamel layer) of the teeth.

What are the Advantages of
Laminate Veneers?

The biggest advantage of Laminate Veneer Restorations is that it requires very little preparation from the teeth during application. It is applied without damaging the tooth. The treatment period is short in Yalova Dental Park.

It is very close to the natural tooth structure with high light permeability and it is very durable.

What is the difference between
Laminate and Veneer Crown?

The biggest difference of Laminate Veneers from Zirconium Crown is that it requires very little preparation.

For Laminate Veneers, only the front of the tooth is abraded.

In the case of Zirconium Crowns, it is necessary to wear the entire tooth.

Laminate Veneers can adhere to the tooth chemically.

Laminate Veneer
Price in Turkey?

Cost; The material to be used in the restoration varies according to the number and whether the teeth need extra treatment. The final cost is determined after the examination in Yalova Dental Park.

With online free consultation (intraoral photos or tomography images) , we make treatment planning and pricing very close to treatment pricing.

Compared to countries such as England, America, Canada, Spain, France, Arabia, health tourism and aesthetic procedures are more affordable in Turkey. Our patients come to Yalova Dental Park to have their dental treatments done and also have the opportunity to visit the cities of Istanbul and YalovaYalova Dental Park Health Tourism packages bring together many options such as Accommodation, Transportation, Dental Health Operation, Translator and more under an additional roof.

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