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What is All On Four
Dental Implant?

As an answer to the question of what is All on Four Dental Implant, it would be appropriate to say that it is a dental treatment method in which prosthetic crowns restoration is applied on four(4) dental implants due to the accompanying anatomical structure with advancing age and to bone deficiency in the jaw bones that are reserved.

All On Four implants can be applied in Turkey Yalova Dental Park to a patient who has a jawbone deficiency and has lost his teeth for some reason.

Completing the prosthetic restoration of your entire mouth with a total of 8 implants, including 4 dental implants in the lower jaw and 4 dental implants in the upper jaw, offers many people the chance to have an aesthetic and functional appearance.

All On Four Implants Procedure:
Turkey Yalova Dental Park

In order to start All on four treatment in Turkey Yalova Dental Park, the first procedure begins with an intraoral examination and examination of the patient’s x-ray (panoramic-computer tomography).

Turkey Yalova Dental Park dental clinic doctors perform the simulation of the operation with the help of a digital dentistry computer programs by making measurements so that the dental implants can be placed in the appropriate positions.

In order not to damage anatomical formations such as blood vessels, nerve channels, and sinuses with a conservative and careful approach, at least 3 operations are planned.

Here, the basic approach is that 6-7-8 dental implants can be made in one jaw in a patient with sufficient bone amount, while the correct positioning of the implants of the patient with bone deficiency and therefore only 4 dental implants can be made, as the most important factor affecting the success of the treatment.

-Step 1: Consultation:
Online or in the Clinic

A patient who wants to get information about Turkey Yalova Dental Park all on four Treatment method can get preliminary information from experienced dentists of our dental clinic if he/she shares(from WhatsApp or e-mail) the intraoral photograph and x-ray image.

-Step 2: Implant and Teeth Design:
Digital Dentistry in Turkey

Turkey Yalova Dental Park helps you to achieve the most successful treatment result by obtaining guide models thanks to its digital dentistry laboratory while applying the all on four concept.

With the help of digital dentistry, human-induced errors and application errors are minimized, and the desired result can be achieved more quickly and comfortably.

With digital dentistry, it offers many advantages such as the position of the implants, the design of the teeth after the operation and even the preparation of the final prosthetic restoration without any surgery.

Turkey Yalova Dental Park dental clinic team doctors and laboratory technicians have been working together successfully and for a long time with this procedure for many years.

Rehearsals with Patient:
How does All On Four looks in the mouth?

The appearance of the All on four Dental Implant and prosthesis application in your mouth is very close to the appearance of your natural teeth when viewed from the outside, so it does not prevent you from having an aesthetic and functional appearance.

Who can apply the All On Four
Implant Technique?

One of the most important factors in achieving a beautiful appearance and eating the delicious food you want with the All on four implant method depends on the experience and knowledge of the people performing the operation and the getted successful results with this method.

We recommend that you review the photos of many cases that have achieved dental implant and prosthetic restoration in Turkey Yalova Dental Park All on Four concept from our website or social media accounts.

Is All On Four Implant Turkey
a Successful Procedure?

The reason why the concept of the All on Four Dental Implant procedure could be performed successfully in Turkey is that Turkish Dentists, Doctors have concluded enough cases in successfully dental operations compared to their colleagues in the world.

What are the stages of
All On Four Treatment in Turkey?

After the examination, x-ray examination and the creation of the treatment plan, the operation is started and generally All on Four dental implant operation takes an average of 1 hour in a single jaw. At the end of the All on Four operation on the same day, the necessary parts for your temporary prosthetic restorations are placed and you can have your temporary prosthetic restoration within 24 hours.

We achieve happy results in a short time with our Digital Dentistry laboratory in our clinic

Will I have pain after the
All On Four Procedure?

All on four dental implant treatment, You will not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Because effective local anesthesia is applied for you. In Turkey Yalova Dental Park, All on Four implant treatment concept, the most appropriate analgesic and anti-inflammatories are prescribed for you by our clinic doctors after the operation, taking into account your systemic diseases and allergies.

What is the difference of All On Four Treatment
from other Implant Treatments?

The difference of All on Four Dental Implant Treatment Turkey from other implant applications is that the angles of the positions of the implants made close to the areas with bone deficiency are different.

Therefore, knowing that all on four treatment options and the treatment process are not much different from the classical implant application will be an option that will allow you to achieve the smile of your dreams and to consume many delicious foods comfortably again.

Should I be careful about Eating and Drinking
after All on Four Implant Treatment?

After the All on Four Dental implant treatment, there is no point that you need to pay attention to or restrict yourself in your food and beverage preferences.

How to clean
All On Four Dental Implants?

Although normal dental care provides oral hygiene, air irrigator devices that have become popular in recent years will help you clean your All on Four Dental Implants and crowns.

All on Four
Cost Turkey?

Turkey Yalova Dental Park Implant Treatment services and Dental Tourism Packages prices are lower than in other countries and other clinics.

The reason for this is that Yalova Dental Park manufactures its teeth in its own laboratory.

Compared to other countries, the biggest reason for the low cost of Dental Treatments in Turkey is related to the parity of Turkish lira and foreign currencies.

Our All on Four Dental Tourism Implant Package starts from $3,990.

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Why are Dental Implants Cheaper
in Turkey from another Countries?

The reason for the low pricing of applications such as Implant, Hollywood Smile, Teeth Crown, Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey Yalova Dental Park dental clinics is related to the parity of Turkish lira and foreign currencies.

As a result; Although expenses such as accommodation, transportation and labor are more affordable than other countries, International and FDI (World Dental Federation) approved companies and business partners are preferred for the materials and treatment methods used. Straumann, Medentica, Ivoclar, E-max, GC, 3Shape, Dentsply-Sirono are partners of Yalova Dental Park.

How can I pay for
my Dental Implants in Turkey?

  • Yalova Dental Park does not charge any fee for Implant treatment procedures or other dental treatments before the treatment is started.
  • During the treatment period, you can make your payments by Credit Card, ETF or Cash.
  • Yalova Dental Park prepares your treatment planning, treatment stages and necessary documents for you. It reports the summary of all the operations done in the mouth and provides convenience when you need it.

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