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Dental Tourism in Turkey


Hello! I’m dentist Ortac GOP.
In recent years, people from many different countries prefer Turkey for their dental treatment needs such as dental aesthetics, “Hollywood Smile, Smile Design”. So why would a person want to receive dental treatment services from a country thousands of kilometres away, rather than the dental clinic right next to his home, the street where he lives?

Why is Turkey the best place
for Dental Treatments?

Firstly, the difficulty in accessing health care in the country where they live and the high cost of dental treatment, long appointments and long waiting times.
In Turkey, the education policy of the state makes it easier and more advantageous to find a good job after university life, so successful students of the country want to prefer branches such as medicine and dentistry.
Therefore, the successful, disciplined and creative young minds of the country are concentrated in these fields. As a result, many successful surgeons and specialised dentists are being trained in the country.

is Dental works cheap in Turkey?

In recent years, the depreciation of the Turkish currency against foreign currencies has made it an attractive option for tourists.
The increasing demand from foreign countries, combined with the country’s skilled doctors, creates an astonishing growth, especially in the dental sector. Usually dental treatments take a lot of time when traditional treatment methods are applied. However, in the organisation of Dental treatments in turkey, the digital dentistry “Cad-Cam” system is used. Thus, your treatment can be completed in an average of one week and you can get the aesthetic and beautiful appearance you expect.

You can discover many historical and natural beauties in Turkey, which is the bridge between Asia and Europe. All this sounds like a great idea, but before you make a decision, I would like to make a few recommendations that you should pay attention to for your health and to avoid disappointment.


What should I pay attention
to in health treatments in Turkey?

First of all, the most important reason for the price difference in dental treatments compared to your country is that dental clinic expenses, such as the salaries of doctors and health professionals, are lower in Turkey than in other countries. However, in order for your health and the treatment to be long-lasting and successful, it is important that the clinic you prefer uses international materials and equipment, complies with hygiene rules, is accessible after treatment, and provides you with certificates and detailed reports on the procedures performed.

comments about the clinic, video chat with the doctor who will do your treatment, creating a treatment plan suitable for you and clinic certificates can guide you. being treated in a dental clinic with a successful organisation as well as the fee you will pay will lead you to a happy result.
As a dentist, dental health trips (holidays) and dental treatments give us a new excitement and concentration in every patient. More importantly, it is exciting for a dentist to communicate with patients from many different countries and cultures. I think that one day when I leave my profession, I will have hundreds of patients and friends in different parts of the world who carry my signature and my work in their mouths. and I aim to be proud of this…

Greetings from Yalova Dental Park in Turkey….

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